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Paper Topic:

Describe an ethical dilemma you experienced first-hand. How did you manage and resolve the situation?


I still remember this incident that occurred to me last winters . As I was passing through the aisles of a super store a saw a very young girl The girl was stuffing up candy in her pockets . The girl apparently seemed poor . Without thinking , I reported the incident to the staff . The girl was harshly treated and shoved out the store

On my way back I thought if I had done the right thing ? For a while I felt guilty about doing such an act . I felt what if it

was my own younger brother or sister ? Would I still have done the same ? And the reason she was stealing apparent to me was that she couldn 't afford it Should I not have stopped her and told her myself that she was doing something wrong and bought her the candy so that she doesn 't have to steal it ? All these questions were running through my mind . I thought of myself as a selfish , curious guy who could not mind his own business and let the little girl do whatever she was doing . After all stealing candies won 't harm anyone at all . But then I decided to analyze the consequences , the actions and then think weather I was right or wrong (Thomas 2008 ) as this was the way out to my dilemma

On one hand I could have let her go and she could have opted stealing as a habit for the rest of her...

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