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Paper Topic:

Describe Southwest Airlines and a Key Competitor for Marketing Analysis



Southwest Airline organization

strategies adopted by Southwest Airlines to gain competitive advantage

SWOT analysis of the Southwest Airline

Competition analysis

Competition position of Southwest Airlines

Proposed strategy in Southwest Airlines




The level of contemporary business competition is on the increase . This is usually adduced to the innovative pattern in which firms competing in the same industry comes up with strategies and pattern of things that is different from the usual way . In other words , the fact is many

organizations are innovating unique and innovative strategies to for them to curve a niche over their rivals . The information and technology age requires that an organization invest more in research and development activities for them to come out with innovative strategic pattern of operating that is different from what is usually known to their fellow competitors . Some organization goes the whole length of making sure their services or product brands are different and difficult to be imitated . Over the years , Toyota has developed a sophisticated production system that allows it to produce reliable , largely defect-free vehicles at low cost

Strategic management pattern of every organization may differ from what is obtainable in another while there may be areas of similarity certain aspects are uniquely structured out to suit the operation of the organization in concern . The ability of an organization to compete successfully depends on how unique its strategy is . In this view Peter (2005 :5 , argues , Strategic competitiveness is achieved when a firm successfully formulates and implements a value-creating strategy . When a firm implements such a strategy that other companies are unable to duplicate or find too costly to imitate , this firm gas a sustained , or sustainable , competitive advantage . The environment in which today business operates in is very dynamic with the consistent changes in ways of conducting business and improvement in technologies and communication . The challenges facing business is how to strategize to curtail these changes . Given the pervasiveness of change , the key strategic challenge is managing that change . The dilemma is how to do it . Should you focus on executing efficiently to reap the gains of current markets ? Alternatively , should you be concerned with creatively adapting to the changing landscape ? Do you plan for expected shifts ? On the other hand , should you stay flexible and ready to react Alternatively , should you focus on building a fit from experiences Alternatively , should you be more concerned about creating a fresh perspective (Brown Eisenhardt , 1998 :3

This write up would carry out an analytical writing on Southwest Airlines . Here , the organization 's operational strategies would be looked upon a SWOT analysis would be carried out to determine the strength , weakness , opportunities , and threats to the operation of the organization . A current standing and operational level analysis would be conducted . Furthermore , a comparative approach would be used to determine the similarities and differences in the airline 's strategic operation with that in operation in another airline organization


Southwest Airline is a United States...

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