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Paper Topic:

Describe President Trumans goals in his Fair DEal domestic policy. Evaluate his successes and failures in accomplishing those goals

In his January 5 , 1949 State of the Union message , President Harry S Truman presented a series of recommendations designed to improve upon President Franklin D . Roosevelt 's New Deal policies "Every segment of our population and every individual " he explained "has a right to expect from our government a fair deal (Miller Center

Truman achieved success in several areas including drastic changes in the area of Civil Rights . One of his most courageous actions was the Executive requiring desegregation of the American military (Grubin ) Under Truman , the President 's Committee on Civil

Rights was created in 1948

The amendment of the Social Security Act in 1950 expanded the numbers of people eligible for Social Security Benefits

Public housing was part of Truman 's dream of a Fair Deal ' for all Americans and in particular , for the lower income citizens . Part of this program would be accomplished through a revitalization of slum areas . After much dissent , Congress eventually approved significant funds for urban redevelopment in 1949

While Truman enjoyed minor success under his Fair Deal , public frustration with his administration grew giving the Republicans an open door to pounce upon the opportunity to regain political power Campaigning against the New Deal ' HYPERLINK "http /www .wordsmyth .net /live /home .php ?script search matchent bureaucra cy matchtype exact " \t "_top " bureaucracy ' and radicalism , the eightieth Congress passed legislation favoring higher income groups This was in direct opposition to the programs Truman fought to enact Additionally , organized labor took a major...

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