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Describe the Pluralistic Society of America


America - the land of the free , and the land of opportunity . Hordes upon hordes of immigrants flock to America each year because of these two values : freedom AND opportunity . Because of this , America has become a so-called melting pot of different creeds , cultures , races religions , politics and philosophies . Pluralism can be defined as unique groups co-existing side by side within a larger community while maintaining their unique identities . It is an undeniable fact of the American culture

Pluralism and the concept of a national identity are seemingly apparent

contradictory features . How can one speak of a national identity when there are so many who take pluralism as , in fact , having a lack of identity ? Pluralism is a necessary consequence of living in a democratic society . Democracy is a very tricky thing . On the one hand one sees the pressing need for national unity , but on the other , one has to deal with the principles of individualism - the concept of one 's freedom to choose , and tolerance in such a diverse society . It is seen as ultimately pitting pluralism against assimilation as it does tolerance and political correctness

As mentioned earlier , pluralism can exist not only in the cultural perspective , but also in racial , religious , political and even philosophical perspectives as well . With so many different ideologies swimming in this melting pot , what pluralism does is that it serves as a tenet that provides one the manner in which different interests lifestyles , and convictions can exist peacefully as a collective whole On any street in America , one can see many races , listen to so many languages , and basically , observe such a diverse cultural people . As an example , a Muslim mosque can stand in the same street as that of a Chinese Buddhist temple . The existence of establishments such as these that are able to co-exist is made possible because the cultural communities that these institutions belong to are protected by the constitution , and are accepted by the social . Pluralism provides that truth is relative and sees all world views as equally valid . On religion , former President Eisenhower once said , unless it is founded in a deeply felt religious faith - and I don 't care what it is . A flourishing pluralistic society is made possible because of principles of tolerance and respect for diversity - the basic tenets that make a pluralistic America possible

On the other hand , there are others who are not as tolerable of this diversity . There are those who claim supremacy over others . There are some that believe that their culture , their creed , their philosophy their ideas reign supreme among all others and that this is how things should be . Groups such as these may not care for dialogue to process conflicting views . There is no subsequent rationalization and realization of a common good because the only good ' there is belongs to their cultural group and to their group alone . Such examples would be the Klu Klux Klan , who until this day , still maintains white supremacy...

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