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Describe how Cortes and Pizarro were able to conquer the Aztec and Inca empires.

RUNNING HEAD : Describe How Cortes

Describe How Cortes and Pizarro Were Able to Conquer the Aztec and Inca Empires




Cortes and Pizarro neither used diplomacy or the classic outright battle to colonize other kingdoms . The characteristic generosity , hospitality and probably naivety of the tribal chiefs were found to be advantageous by the two conquistadors for the advancement of their treacherous designs to secure their riches of their prospective colonies (McKay Hill , and Buckler , 1992

The Aztecs , for example , believed in astrological signs and omens

legends and prophecies . Even prior to the arrival of the Spanish on the shores of Meso-America , the Aztecs had already seen astrological signs of their empire 's collapse . Cortes used this belief and the Aztec 's misconception of the impending arrival of Quetzaquotal , their God to easily gain the nation 's trust and then , exploit this to hostage and make a puppet leader out of Montezuma , the Aztec ruler . It was through this that Cortes was able to get the gold and riches from the Aztecs The killing of Montezuma followed (McKay , Hill and Buckler , 1992

Similarly , Pizarro used the confidence he had gained from the Incas to destroy the nation . After inviting the Inca leader Atahuallpa into their camp under the pretext of friendship , and the latter , accepting the offer , Pizarro captured and killed the Inca leader 's companions Begging for his life , the leader promised to provide Pizarro with a room filled with gold . Pizarro accepted the leader 's offer but still killed him after acquiring the riches (McKay , Hill and Buckler , 1992

The two conquistadors must have realized that they would be as easily crushed by the natives in such unfamiliar territory and with their far lesser force . The classic battle would not work if each of their limited resources would be used up to defeat each member of the native armies What they needed was to topple the one foundation of the natives ' force True enough , after gaining the confidence of the leaders and immediately murdering them , the natives became unorganized and confused allowing the outnumbered Spaniards to defeat the natives

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