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Degree Completion Continuity Plan

There are many critical functions enabling people to earn a specific degree . In an age of technology and knowledge increases , people have the option of doing their degrees through distance education especially if they wish to gain work experience while pursuing it . Many universities all over the world have accommodated this paradigm shift to facilitate the needs of students . The factors that contribute to an individual earning a degree have to do with discipline , sacrifice , finances personal and societal issues . There are many things that keep people from accomplishing their goals but

there are also risk measures that can be put in place to help deal with them

One factor that affects whether a person gets a degree or not is disciple , when we speak of it , we are referring to an individuals focus on their studies . Focus is important in terms of drafting time management schedules . It is important to allocate the equal amount of time for all courses . A time line helps to ensure that focus is given to the right area . Students need to know what they want out of the program Once you are interested in an area , it makes it easier to be determined to complete it with excellence . What can help you to overcome not being disciplined is trying to focus on a specific goal at a time . It may require that you do fewer courses a semester

Sacrifice is another critical factor that contributes to whether or not a person gains their degree . It is important to know that while studying there are time and money sacrifices that are necessary . Giving up of your time for studying is a grave sacrifice that many people make because the end result is motivation for some people . The money that people use to study could have been spent on shopping but instead a student chooses to purchase books . Sometimes , if you are a mother sacrificing for your education is hard but you can make arrangements with your husband to see if you all can work out house schedules in terms of chores

Financial issues can prevent a person from achieving a degree . For people who come from underprivileged families it may be difficult to finance a degree program especially if that student is not on scholarship . While there are opportunities to scholarship , the financial aspect is always critical it is the source of funding that gives a student peace of mind . It is easier not to worry about tuition and hall of residence fee payments , especially if you are an international student in a foreign university - for it is in this setting if you do not have the money , then you do not have a chance . To overcome this , you have to save in advance , or seek low interest loans that can be repaid after your study tenure

Students have to deal with personal issues that may prevent them from achieving their degrees . One major personal issue might be the death of a close relative or...

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