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Definition essay

Informed Consent

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Informed Consent in Reproductive Medicine

In modern health care practice the term 'informed consent is commonplace . The concept of informed consent as a necessary part of responsible , accountable medical treatment is widely accepted . However what is meant by informed consent ? One could classify informed consent as an agreement . Informed consent may be differentiated from other types of agreements by the criteria of : requiring full education about the probable as well as any and all possible consequences of the agreement

br the agreement must be completely voluntary , it must be revocable at any time without any prejudice and finally it must be free of any coercion Therefore 'informed consent ' may be defined as an agreement freely given and revocable after consideration of all potential consequences of such an agreement

Clinical trials and medical research are critically important for the continued improvement of medical practice . A study that involved examining certain hormone concentrations in women 's blood throughout the menstrual cycle employed informed consent procedures in to recruit subjects to take part in the study (Briton-Jones et al , 2001 , 942-946 The subjects were initially invited to take part in the study and if willing to learn further about the study they were asked to see one of the study 's investigators for a one on one discussion and education giving about the study . The subjects were first informed about the aims of the study . Then the subjects were told what participation in the study would mean for them if they were to decide to take part . In this case it was the donation of a single blood sample . Implications and risks of the procedure were explained , including the potential for infection from the needle puncture site . The duration of the study was disclosed to the potential subject including the information that the blood sample would be stored and examined at anytime in a two-year period . It was then explained that it was the subject 's right to terminate their consent to continue with the study at anytime in that two years which would lead to the stored blood sample being discarded The fact that there would be no direct benefit to the subject in terms of payment for participation neither in the study nor indirectly by way of possible medical treatment innovations that may be discovered by the study . Each subject was also given a written booklet which contained all the information given verbally and to this booklet was the research subject 's Bill of Rights , explaining in writing the rights afforded to all human subjects involved in clinical studies . The prospective subject was then asked to read the information booklet and reflect upon whether they would like to participate in the study . If they did wish to participate they were asked to sign the consent form and mail the consent form to the study investigators . This example satisfies all the criteria for the definition of informed consent

Another example from human...

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