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Defining Romanticism an an artistic & aesthetic movement

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Romanticism as an Artistic and Aesthetic Movement


A collective spirit of a group of , philosophers and musicians between the late 18th and early 19th centuries propagated a new philosophy which prioritized emotion over rationality and put forth nature as their nodal head of expression , thereby extending the meaning of 'romanticism ' what people would perceive before . This band of activists earmarked a new era of literature , music and art , which is called 'Romanticism . It enjoined to stop the

rationalization of nature and stressed on understanding the power of emotion towards gaining an aesthetic experience . It didn 't dare to attend the realities like horror , grief and deprivation and to balance their life-views with them along with the recognized beauties of life . In short , it tried to review the state of civilization and to add the realities that society would otherwise escape , all with a collective will of expanding the scope of life itself . They presented the ideas of the "evolution and uniformitarianism , which strongly advocated for an epistemology that would be based on "usage and custom , and argued that "the past is the key to the present . In its active lifespan (calculated by researchers and historians ) of 100 years (1770-1870 , it evolved as an international movement that relocated the point of view for developing the Art and Aesthetics


Judging its period of occurrence , one can surmise that the American and French Revolutions , which asked for new s in the society , might have influenced this movement . But at the same time , it intended to elevate the elements of art and narratives of the medieval period , which is corroborated by the fact that the name 'romantic ' itself comes from the term 'romance , which points towards the prose or poetic narratives of the medieval era . However , according to the historians of German and English literature , the year 1798 A .D . marks the beginning of this movement , when the first edition of Lyrical Ballads (Wordsworth and Coleridge ) and the composition of Hymns to the Night (Novalis ) came into being . Some other scholars take 1770 as the year from when it started affecting the fields of art and exerted its influence till 1870 , between which it showcased a long list of contributions of numerous intellectuals , artists , musicians , and playwrights , thereby planking its claims of creating a new era of Art and Aesthetics . The seed of it might have formed through the poetry of Robert Burns , William Blake , William Wordsworth and Colridge (England , through the writings of Goethey , Schelling and Hegel and Kant (Germany ) or Rousseau (all around Europe , it might have gained its momentum from Beethoven 's symphonies or Mary Shelly 's Dark Romantic novel , but there is no doubt that its collective power had created a long lasting impact on the society , which can be felt even today

The Movement and some of its great exponents

The Romantics shifted their focus from the objective to subjective emphasizing on one 's self , imagination...

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