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Paper Topic:

1. Define a learning organisation. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a learning organisation within today's business environment . 2. Define and discuss the differences between Theory X and Theory Y. Highlight your response with examples.

(O 'Keeffe , 2002 .It is not enough that organizations set objectives and visions but it is crucial that people should act together . Senge believes that there is a noticeable growth and better results when members learn together . Team learning produces transformational leaders who believe that a higher level of thinking cannot be achieved individually . Team learning allows member to notice in advance the patterns of interaction that would undermine learning (Senge , 1990 pp 10 .For example it is cheaper to teach a person as a group rather than individually since you only do

it once . In case anyone develops a question , he /she can ask from the colleagues

The only difference between system thinking theory and team learning theory is that system thinking involves the management coming out with organization systems /rules or procedures while team learning involves encouraging and teaching employees to work together as a team . They are both long-term strategies which when combined can create a language that would deal with complex structural issues in an organization


Learning organizations are significant in the modern world where technology and competition calls for better service delivery . Learning organizations have a number of benefits than other organizations because they offer better services , have better employees who are knowledgeable and skilled and can respond well to change . Although there are challenges associated with introducing learning that include increased budget , unwilling or un co-operative employees and lack of empowerment learning organizations should be encouraged at all costs because they have long-term benefits


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