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Decision- Making in change Processes


Decision- making in change Processes


The decision-making in groups is sometimes examined separately as process and outcome . The process refers to the group interactions . Some relevant ideas include coalitions among participants as well as influence and persuasion . The decision-making in the change process of organization produce fruitful outcome in productivity improvement . The Decision-making is a reasoning process , which can be rational or irrational , and can be based on explicit assumptions ID : 8446

Decision-making Processes

Decision-making is a process leading to the selection of a course of

br action among alternatives . Every decision-making process produces a final choice . It can be an action . It begins when we need to do something but we do not know what . However , decision-making is a reasoning process , which can be rational or irrational , and can be based on explicit assumptions . Decision-making is said to be a psychological construct . Structured rational decision-making is an important part of all science-based professions , where specialists apply their knowledge in a given area to making informed decisions . Medical decision making often involves making a diagnosis and selecting an appropriate treatment


1 ) Identification of Problem , Situation That Needs Change In Hospital Care Service

The health care 's huge and increasing bite out of the U .S . GDP , stopgap increasingly inefficient , and largely symptomatic measures have characterized the bulk of the nation 's response . Enhancing costs , rather than reducing costs , appears to be the prime motivator in these measures . The two major causes of the problem are ever increasing self-perpetuating , subsidies and impositions of insurers between buyers and sellers . By assessing the largest inefficiencies in the health care system , four other fundamental approaches appear to offer significant potentials for major reductions in health care costs of roughly 50 . These suggestions also offer significant potentials for improvements in health care quality in addition to collateral benefits

The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services stated that health care spending in 2003 was 1 .7 trillion - more than 5 ,800 for every American , and more than 15 of the US GDP 1

One result is that medical bills are now the second leading cause of personal bankruptcy after unemployment 2 . It is unlikely that hospital- and medical bills will be only the second leading cause of personal bankruptcy for much longer . The situation must need to be change . Beside that more issues that I believe need changed in a health care setting are as follows-

a ) Rapid Growth in Prescription Drug Prices

The prescription drug industry empowered to advertise its wares in the mass media 3 . The meaning is that doctors themselves are incapable of mak2 ,3ing decisions related to their prescription writing , so that they need prodding from their better-informed patients . The impact is prescription drugs are now the largest component of growth of US health care costs . It has also made the prescription drug industry the most profitable in the US

b ) A Focus on Fundamental Problems

The industry has evolved into a highly labor- and capital-intensive industry , and this intensiveness...

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