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The Death of a Soldier

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Contrast and Similarity in The Death of a Soldier ' and Two Soldiers

War changes not only the world , but the people who fight for their countries . Soldiers must sacrifice many things to go to war : family ties , time , morals , beliefs , and often , ultimately death . Two works Wallace Stevens ' The Death of a Soldier ' and William Faulkner 's Two Soldiers ' succinctly examine both war and its effect on the soldiers who fight in it . While the two authors ' opinions of the endurance of war

br are similar , their subsequent beliefs as to the purpose of a soldiers death are distinctly different

In Wallace Stevens ' The Death of a Soldier , the poet likens war which cannot occur without death , to such perennial things as nature and seasons . As surely as death must come to everyone , as surely as times passes and autumn makes its annual appearance , so does war occur and so will it cause numerous deaths . As nature is indifferent to human sorrow in that the winds may stop blowing but clouds will still move , so is war the death of soldier will not ultimately affect the end of fighting . As autumn is natural , death in war is unnatural . Stevens ' view of war , then , can be interpreted as an essential part of life in this world but the soldiers who die to defend this world ultimately go unheralded . Their deaths requires no pomp , no celebration or fame . The soldier is just one piece , often forgotten , of the effects of war

In William Faulkner 's Two Soldiers , the author presents participation in war as a patriotic duty performed by those who exhibit an ultimate love for their country . Pete is compelled to fight for his country , while his father , who has already participated in the first World War and fought for his country , is more concerned with himself and farming his land . Pete 's father does not see a bit of use (85 ) in his son joining the army to fight in the second World War . Pete 's mother , too , is understanding of her son 's motivation but not the forces which deem it necessary , You got to go , and so I want you to go . But I don 't understand it , and I won 't never , so don 't expect me to (85 Faulkner is showing that a soldier 's family is often guided by their own selfishness and love for their offspring instead of being motivated by what is good for the country as a whole . War is to be expected , and it is the duty of a country 's citizens to fight in that war

Both authors seem to agree that war is a necessity , akin to the passage of the seasons and the natural occurrences of a day . As Pete 's younger brother claims in Two Soldiers , the daylight had started while I wasn 't watching (87 . And so time goes on , war or no . And Stevens also makes this same type of...

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