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`The Day the Cowboys Quit` by Elmer Kelton

- The Day the Cowboys Quit by Elmer Kelton Elmer Kelton 's book , The Day the Cowboys Quit , is a tale that takes readers back to thinking about what it might have been like in the old days of 1883 . The book not only gives the reader an excellent idea of what might have gone on during that time in the new American West , but it also takes the time to bring forth the interesting and complex story of one American cowboy , Hugh Hitchcock . Though the author touches on several different themes , he takes

particular interest in the changing dynamic of the new West . The book 's primary argument and point of contention is that change brings forth the opportunity to make both good and bad choices . Those choices , as Hitchcock and the other cowboys quickly discover , play a significant role in how their lives will turn out in the end

The book is about a situation in 1883 , when the cowboys who controlled the action in the American West came into conflict with the big ranchers that were also looking for more power . The story focuses primarily on one group of cowboys , but it is really just a symbolic mention that is supposed to represent the changing dynamic that faces the cowboy in the changing landscape of America . The cowboys have owned some cattle and they have a huge stake in the control of cattle farming in the American West . The problem , as they will soon find out , is that many people are not comfortable with them having so much control over the industry . This is where the cattle ranchers come in and they try to keep the cowboys from owning any cattle . This causes the cowboys to rise up together in something of a makeshift union and strike against the rich ranchers who are trying to shut them down . This all happened , of course , before the advent of actual unions which were designed to protect the rights of workers . The story centers on the decisions made by the cowboys and especially the main character , Hugh Hitchcock . He is a perfect example of one cowboy who does not completely agree with or understand what is going on in the changing landscape of America . He gets caught up in the decisions that were made for him and as such , he ends up having some regrets . The decision by cowboys to rally together in to protect their rights is a bold one , but it does not come up with the result that they were looking for . They are left to reconsider their options and think about the decision they made . They are left under the mercy of those people who stripped their way of life

This book succeeds on a number of different levels , all because of the author 's presentation . He takes a story that is relatively boring and turns it into a great western tale that readers enjoy . This is accomplished through the author 's unique ability to bring...

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