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Davis-Moore thesis

Davis-Moore Thesis

In any given society , there are different stratification and social divisions . According to the Davis-Moore thesis , stratification is necessary in for the society to continue functioning . Some roles cannot simply be filled in by everyone . Hence , there are roles that require technical skills and knowledge , which are important for the well-being of the whole society . Because of the level of proficiency and high qualifications needed for these roles , the benefits and rewards for these roles should also be high in to attract the best and the brightest people who

can perform these roles . Otherwise , the delivery of these roles may be compromised and the overall well-being of the society is not ensured

Since such roles require proficiency and knowledge , the people who will fulfill these roles should be able to demonstrate their proficiency Hence , a system of meritocracy should be established . Although there are extraneous factors that might need to be taken into account , the Davis-Moore thesis effectively establishes the need to evaluate well the performance and levels of proficiency of those who want to perform crucial roles

In the university setting , this stratification also leads to hierarchical structures , the university has a President and other officers who call the shot ' regarding the major decisions that may affect the overall situation of the university . Definitely , a person with only minimal educational attainment could not sit as the University President , and one can only become President after several years of teaching and of administering different functions in the university Such inequality is also necessary so that decisions may be arrived at more effectively and efficiently...

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