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Darwin’s `Descent of a Man`

Darwin 's Descent of a Man Dear Father Matheson In the middle of this controversy of Creation vs Evolution I decided to read Darwin 's Descent of a Man ' I believe the nature of his book will be best understood by

only a brief explanation of how Charles Darwin came to write the book in the first place

He collected many various notes on the beginnings of the descent of man over many

years without any intention of publication because he anticipated the many prejudiced

views opposing his

theories ' By shining this light on this subject of the origin of man

and history , he implied man must be included with other organic life in all general

conclusion with respect of his appearance on this Earth Darwin 's case does have a wholly different aspect when he includes

Naturalists have to believe the validity that states species are the modified descendents of

other species , and this information especially holds well with young rising naturalists that

believe Man , made in the image of God , was also made in the image of the ape ' Darwin

accepts this by most naturalists of evolution as well as many non-scientific persons

He gathered in his notes to see how far his general conclusions were applicable

to man which Darwin concluded when we confine our attention , we are depriving

ourselves of the weighty arguments that come from the close relationship which connect

these organisms-Their geographical distribution in the past and present and their

succession . The homological structure , and its embryological development as well as

rudimentary organs of a species is still to be considered whether it is man or animal

however it is these classes of facts , which Darwin believes are ample and conclusive

evidence to the fact of gradual evolution Sincerely , An Evolutionist -Works Cited-

HYPERLINK "http /www .infidels .org /library /historical /charles_ darwin /descent_of_a_man " www .infidels .org /library /historical /charles_ darwin /descent_of_a_man

Charles Darwin Descent of a Man Descent of a Man (1871 ) Charles Darwin (1809-1882...

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