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Dante's inferno

Inferno 1



Inferno 2


We are all born in this world expected to always do good . Those who choose to commit sins are condemned to go to hell . It is a man 's decision to do good and enter God 's Kingdom or do bad and be punished in hell

Inferno 3

The Divine Comedy

Dante 's Inferno exposes us all on how God punishes sinners . Dante clearly states that hell exists to punish sin and the suitability of hell 's specific

punishments testifies to the divine perfection that all sin violates . Does this mean that man is not left with any other choices ? Can a man still use his free will or his lifetime on earth is limited to follow a divine plan to avoid being thrown in hell

Midway on our life 's journey , I found myself in dark woods , the right road lost (I .1

These famous lines , narrated by Dante , open Inferno and immediately establish the allegorical plane on which the story 's meaning unfolds The use of such potent words as journey ' and right road ' signifies the religious aspect of Dante 's impending adventure and quickly notifies us that we are leaving the realm of the literal . Likewise , the image of being lost in dark woods ' sets up a clear dichotomy between the unenlightened ignorance involved in a lack of faith in God and the clear radiance provided by God 's love . The simple contrast between the dark woods ' which...

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