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Paper Topic:

How does Dante grow, as a character, in "The Inferno" and how does his reaction to sin change?

The hypocrite that he met was Caiphus , who served as a high priest of Pontius Pilate . However , at the same time , Dante is horrified by the sight of the punishment of the sinners

This time Dante stubbornly did not follow Virgil 's instruction while staring at another suffering soul . This soul was his relative Geri del Bello ( CliffNotes . Dante realized as he saw him that his death has not yet been redressed . Dante got emotional when he felt grief for the injustice of his kin . This shows that Dante is still human

and able to feel human emotions . He feels pity , sorrow , guilt , revenge , fear and happiness . However , he is now able to understand that the punishment must fit the crime . He is now learning to be disgusted by it

Dante met Bocca by accidentally kicking his head . His character transformation was most evident here ( CliffNotes . It was not of Dante 's character to pull off the hair out of Bocca 's head even before Dante could ask of his crime . He figured that the last circles in hell were home to the most damned souls . It is in this circle that there is no punishment enough for the terrible crimes these souls have committed . As Dante approaches the last circles of hell , he got violent and less caring of the souls . He begins to threaten and bribe the souls he met for information . Dante does not feel pity but even wishes more pain and suffering for his enemies and people he despise . Dante shows rudeness to the sinners . He felt that his rudeness was appropriate . He attacks sinners in this part of hell . At the earlier circles of hell , he felt pity and sympathy for them . It was also in his agenda to make some of the sinners remembered...

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