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The Dani Tribe of New Guinea

The Dani Tribe of New Guinea


This reviews the cultural practices of the Dani Tribe of New Guinea . The primitive lifestyle , dress and superstitious beliefs are an important part of Dani Stone Age customs . The ritualistic warfare being unique to Dani culture is discusses as a special area of interest

The tribes were discovered in 1938 living in the Baliem valley in isolation from the rest of the world . The Dani tribes were using stone axes , bows , arrows and spears and practicing cannibalism , Men barely clad in their penis gourd

, women using grass skirt to hide the lower parts of their body were some of the practices of the tribe

The discovery of the tribe numbering in tens of thousands was a historical find for the anthropologists , an excellent opportunity to study the real live Stone Age community , its customs and culture . It was also a boon for the tourists

Exposure to the modern world is gradually resulting in disappearance of the Stone Age culture as Dani learn the ways of the present and gradually find a new culture that carries only some of the traditional practices to the present times . Introduction to civilization has closed the window of golden opportunity for studying the Stone Age civilization



Geography of Dani Tribe Habitat

Cultural Shock for the Dani

Cultural Practices of Dani Tribe

Dani Superstitions


Warfare : An Important Area of Dani Culture

Dani - The Future


The Dani Tribe of New Guinea


Dani tribe of New Guinea is a part of the `Disappearing World ' as the people isolated from the rest of the world come into close contact with the civilized world . The ancient customs , archaic tribal practices and primitive lifestyle are being replaced with education , knowledge and exposure to the present world . The discovery of this large tribe provided the anthropologists an opportunity to learn about the development of human civilization . The change from Stone Age to the 20th century in a matter of a few decades makes the tribe worthy of potential scientific interest to anthropologists , psychologist and sociologist

There is no doubt that exposure to the civilization will soon consign the ancient Dani customs to the history books . The tourism industry will have to work hard to preserve some of the traditional villages while the next generation of Stone Age women will look for opportunity to work as carnival strippers for the benefit of the tourists [Meiselas , 1976] , a giant step indeed

This essay describes cultural anthropology of the Dani tribe of New Guinea . Dani tribe 's discovery in 1938 provided the world a unique opportunity to observe and understand how ancient man lived in a primitive society and learn from first hand experience of a period that otherwise was only known to us from the archeological studies

Geography of Dani Tribe Habitat

Spanish Portuguese sailors discovered the Island of New Guinea in early 16th century [Ploeg , 2002] . All colonizing power laid claims on parts of New Guinea Netherlands , Britain , Spain even...

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