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Dangerous driving habits

Dangerous Driving Habits

Driving land automobiles is one of the most common modes of transportation used by the modern society . Through the power of their automobile vehicles , the people of the present travel vast land distances as part of their busy modern lifestyles for their economic recreational and other aspects . Generally , the knowledge needed for driving land automobiles has already become a normative commodity in the present wherein each individual must learn this skill at some point Indeed , the innovation of the aspect of land transportation has been a significant aid

for the development of the present society

However , a dilemma now occurs in the present social aspect of transportation as the field that aids the most of the tasks and responsibilities of the people is now causing significant problems for the safety of the people . Present statistics and news are claiming that vehicular accident is not one of the leading causes of property damages and danger to the people 's lives . This dilemma is primarily rooted on the improper use of the people of their driving skills and knowledge thus , leading to the dangerous nature of vehicular transportations Dangers such as vehicular crashes , run over accidents , and others are mainly because most of the drivers do not follow the safety guidelines and proper driving knowledge . Because of the dangerous driving habits of the people , the aspect that is innovated to become the aid for the development of the society is posing a dangerous nature for the safety and the property of the people

In general , most of the people have dangerous driving habit , which must be addressed and changed to alleviate the crisis they are likely to cause for the people . These habits can be generally classified into three categories based upon the factor they affect in the driving nature namely the state of the driver , the state of the vehicle and the application of the driving skill . First , most dangerous driving habits delimit the capacity of the driver for his or her optimum and efficient driving presence . Included in this category are the unethical habits of most drivers such as performing the tasks while intoxicated , driving while multitasking and doing other things , and driving while under emotional anger or rage . One of the primary necessities in driving is having full concentration under a calm condition and most of the habits of drivers in the present do not follow these standards . Some drive while talking in their cellular phones or doing other things in their vehicle while having taking the responsibility of the wheel . In addition , most also drive while under anger or having a rage discussion while in the vehicle causing them to be furious towards their vehicles thus , affecting their concentration , rational decision , and most importantly their speed . Another important category is compromising the state of the vehicle , which most drivers do compromise and consider to be irrelevant . However , putting an improperly maintained vehicle in the road put a significant risk for the other drivers , their vehicles...

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