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Running Head : The Country Dance and the Noble Dancing

The Country Dance and the Noble Dancing (Your Name (Your school



Dance is an art that refers to body movement in a rhythmic manner and to music . It is normally used as form of expression interaction , or presented in spiritual or performance setting . Dance can be used as a method of communication between people or animal 's of what constitutes dance depends on social , cultural aesthetic and moral constraints . Dancing has undergone evolution and many dancing styles have been

realized (David 1978 . Krumping and break dancing misrelated to hip pop culture . African dance normally have a meaning in them

All dancing styles have got one thing in common it not only involves body motion and flexibility , but it also includes physics Dancing without putting proper physics into consideration can easily leads to injuries (Anthony 1991 . Country dance is a form of social folk dance with the earliest instances documented . Some sources indicate that Queen Elizabeth was entertained by country dancing

Some Terms Used in Country Dance

Active couple . This a couple doing more complicated movement during the dance composed of many couples

Arm right (or arm left . This where couples join arms together as they move forward and returning to the starting positions

Back to back . Here a person , facing another person move forward passing right shoulder and fall back to place passing left

Circular hey . This is where the dancers face partners and pass right and left...

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