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Dance Review

The Scales of Memory was performed by Senegal 's Compagnie Jant-Bi and the Brooklyn Urban Bush Women . Choreographed by Germaine Acogny and Jawole Willa Jo Zollar , it highlights the African people 's identity cultural heritage and how they are continuously finding themselves through the African Diaspora all over the world . The performance focuses on the acceptance of the history and heritage of all blacks worldwide to be able to live unhindered and progressively in the present . Scales of Memory is not for the faint of heart . Their struggles in the past until

their current disposition , serving as an inspiration to all who are still chained and shackled in the vicious cycle of being unable to live their dreams due to oppression and discrimination . This masterpiece is the convergence of African and American history both in execution of the theme and the historical premise which the work is based upon

The performance is riveted with emotion and captivates its audiences whether they are cultural connoisseurs or the common entertainment seekers . As silhouettes move across the stage amidst the pale background in slow motion , one can see the transition of movements flow gracefully from the dancers with power as subtle as the deep currents of the river The dancers then begin to introduce themselves and their lineage in their own native tongues , prompting the audience with what 's to come

The dancers exhibit unforgiving , raw , explosive power in most of their movements , though never without the gracefulness and control that defines contemporary...

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