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The Most Meaningful Experience in My Life

The most meaningful experience that I consider in my life was when I danced at our community acquaintance night prior to my high school graduation . It was so wonderful evening and the affair was so fabulous and everyone was in great attire . The place was well decorated that one can feel the thrill of the evening and it made everyone proud being member of the community . The affair was intended for families to be acquainted with each other particularly those that they had not been

acquainted with , and the place was filled with great faces elegantly dressed which added to the excitement of the night . The party was actually a family affair although parents were encouraged not to bring their very young children in for them to freely enjoy the night The affair was held in an open space and the program was really exciting

Part of the program was an on-the-spot dance competition for teenagers which I had eagerly joined . I was not really aiming to win the contest I just wanted to have my share of the excitement that filled the evening . It was a feeling that boasted my morale and confidence . A feeling that had helped realized that I could be able to do something that can make people happy that I could contribute on my own way , to the efforts of building a better community . It was indeed a great experience that was not only meaningful to me...

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