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Jenuria Mangie (not his real name ) is an adult male , born to Amerasian-African-American parents who came to the US as immigrants in the 1930s . He grew up in a relatively middle class neighborhood as his father was well connected with an influential person in the government Popularly called Jenur to his friends and family , this man is seen as having a dynamic and charismatic personality , the reason that he had been doing well in the field of business

and marketing . He was able to raise two daughters who are both now in their teen years . His wife is also in the marketing area as a consumer behavior specialist and equally receiving a well-paying job

Jenur 's problems were actually more real as he approached middle age He remembered very well that he had gone through similar situations but it was not even remotely considered outstanding then or as frightening as they are now . He has episodes of panic intense fear with waves of sensations of being unable to control what was happening , being sick and gasping for air , as well as the feeling of dread that he would collapse It has become paralyzing to him especially that he leads a very intense and busy life at work and at home . He remembered this was aggravated when he was abroad and that he had several bouts as well of asthma which made him so insecure about his physical condition

Upon initial consultation...

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