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The name of William Shakespeare is often associated with the genre of tragedy and it were to a large degree his famous tragic plays that made Shakespeare an all-time classic . This is no big wonder as we humans are quite peculiar - while striving for happiness and positive feelings we extract arguably the strongest emotions from this noble genre . But as a matter of fact , in our life there is a spacious room for things which would be more fitting to attribute to the genre of comedy . And in depicting of this field of

human concern William Shakespeare was not less brilliant . In this regard , Shakespearian comedy "Twelfth Night " is arguably the most vivid example of his genius as it is one of the most commonly performed comedies of Shakespeare , and it also was popular during Shakespeare 's lifetime . This play embodies especially well one important aspect of Shakespearian works that probably makes them so tremendously impressive - namely , the scope of presentation of human nature when in a constrained space where action takes place and with a limited number of heroes the author manages to represent so many familiar human qualities . Indeed , in "Twelfth Night " a careful reader can encounter examples of true love , represented by Duke Orsino , Olivia and Viola friendship , represented by Sebastian and Antonio stupidity in which Sir Andrew Aguecheek abounds Sir Toby Belch`s liking to drinking and Malvolio`s vanity and pride for which he was so notoriously punished

But among those diverse characters there is one whose role is probably special to the whole play . This is Feste - a fool and musician who does his services to both Olivia and Duke Orsino . Regarding Feste , I believe that in general terms his significance in the play is of almost the philosophical quality . It seems that Feste was inserted into the play by Shakespeare with the purpose to more specifically emphasise the main characters whom a reader cannot help but often compare with the fool This can be seen from several standpoints which we will now consider

A fool can be defined in several ways which can sometimes contradict each other . The main meaning that is implied refers to a silly person the one who makes people laugh at him . The other notion refers to a person who successfully manages to play a fool in to entertain others . In this case , the similarity with the main meaning is artificial as the pretended fool has to know reliable ways to look so which requires the presence of the opposite quality of sufficient wit This second definition is actually the one fitting for the Feste in the play , as Viola remarks by saying "This fellow 's wise enough to play the fool (III .i .61 . Thus , during the play Feste will gradually grow to be seen as the wisest person among all the characters and the one whose main task is to speak the truth . A very remarkable role indeed if we consider the web of deceit and disguise that...

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