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Celebrities are branded as icons for the masses . They are usually the people whom ordinary citizens idolize . They usually set the standards when it comes to fashion , attitude and belief towards life . Through the celebrities such as artists and models , trends in different industries such as the latest and most reliable hand phone in the telecommunications business is set to a standard which celebrities set themselves . The continuous improvement and innovation is because of the growing demand for consumer goods through the advertisements of the celebrities . The celebrities

before the current century are usually the stars that act on television and movies . However , these days , almost everyone who is shown in the television is considered as celebrities of their own right . In the context of defining celebrities , these people should have great talent , should be considered as the role models of the youth , and should have good morals as well

The celebrity world has been loaded with great and talented artists and famous people . In the 21st century , a lot of new celebrities who were added in the roster lack some qualities that artists and celebrities during the earlier days have . They use art as their inspiration and the passion of doing it is really there . However , celebrities these times are more concerned about popularity and the money they will make in making movies that are of low quality . If there can only be a quality assurance team in Hollywood , it would probably offer the masses more quality than quantity

With the continuous growth and improvement in different sectors of governments and industries , people demand for more of everything . People become more liberated and are now more open-minded when it comes to different views and personalities . However , there are bad effects in having a more liberated and open-minded youth today . An example would be the celebrities who are always on the news who got caught after doing a crime (Celebrity Crimes 1 . These people , although considered as celebrities , should not be considered a role model for youths . There would be a notion for these teenagers that the things celebrities do are acceptable in the society . Drunk driving is one of them . Teenagers should bear in their mind that it is not good to imitate celebrities who do this thing . Another is using of prohibited drugs . Some celebrities in America today are really into drug addiction (Celebrity Crime 1

Having good moral is a good thing . There are many celebrities today who show no values in the way they act in public and in treating other people . Since people became more liberated , their views and values were altered as well . Good examples of loss of values are people who are involved in broken marriages whose values and beliefs are usually inconsistent . These people do not have concerns for their fellow , they only care about themselves . Another is celebrities who neglect their children and are irresponsible of their actions (Guardian 1 . It is not a good value to neglect...

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