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In a Dark Time by Theodore Roethke

In the first stanza of the poem In a Dark Time , the reader gets the sense that not only is the author describing himself using dark visuals including shadow ' and shade , but that he is using natural scenery as well in to set the audience up for the rest of the poem . The same line that contains those visuals also would seem to impart a certain time of day , dusk . This could also be thought of as a way for the reader to get a sense

of where the author is at , reflecting on his own mind . This idea is furthered by the statements of meeting his (own ) shadow , and when he hears his own shadow

The second stanza really goes into a faster pace , as the author begins to describe to the reader his inner feelings . By questioning his own definition of madness , and going into despair , he shows the reader that part of his mind is very confused , yet he knows that he is in the middle of whatever is going on . Again he questions , is his place in the rocks ' a cave or path , and he states that The edge is what I have ' which seems like a way for him to again be in the middle of his situation

The third stanza continues with the natural s of being outside in a natural setting during the night , or perhaps during an eclipse . Again , this could be just another way for the author to let his audience know what frame of mind his is in . Referring to the title of the poem , In a Dark Time , it would make sense that this writing is coming from the author during a time in his life in which he was questioning himself . This line of thinking continues to be the main point as he goes on to say , A man goes far to find out what he is - Death of the self in a long , tearless night . Whatever has happened to the author , he is unsure of himself and the changes that are occurring in his life at that moment

In the fourth stanza , he still proclaims how confused he his with himself , by the statement Which I is I ' The reader is left to contemplate where the author 's sense of self lies . The last three lines seem to show that the author has decided to have his mind come together and be one with itself , which leaves the author to be free in the tearing wind...

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