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Cyberspace and Human Relationships

Cyberspace and Human Relationships

There was a time when people were divided into 2 groups : those with social skills that help them in interacting with others , and those without the needed social skills to interact thus causing them to retreat into a shell or their own little vacuum of a world . These groups no longer exist in today 's world because of that technological marvel that has been bridging social gaps in the 21st century , the Internet The Internet has introduced both the socially adept and inept people to new forms of

communication that do not cause them to get tongue tied nor have muddled thoughts when trying to relate to others . Using chat room email , forums , blogging , and other forms of electronic communication has allowed people , as a collective society to redefine human relationships in relation to the existence of cyberspace . Cyberspace , more popularly known as the Internet has allowed people to discover the full extent of their social skills within the safe confines of their unknown locations and aliases

According to Norman N . Holland in his entitled The Internet Regression

Current estimates say 23 million people communicate on the Internet from most of the nations on the globe , and that number is increasing at 12 a month

One would normally say that these statistics are a good sign . People are finally communicating with each other regardless of nationality ethnicity , and race . Nothing could be further from the truth . Mr Holland 's research has indicated that

Talking on the Internet , people regress . It 's that simple . It can be one-to-one talk on e-mail or many-to-many talk on one of the LISTs or newsgroups . People regress , expressing sex and aggression as they never would face to face

He proceeds to explain that these regressions can be seen in 3 aspects that he terms as Internet primitivism . These acts of primitivism are flaming , sexual aggression , strangely enough , extraordinary generosity over the Internet . He defines flaming as

Flying into a typewritten rage at some perceived slight or blunder and is the most common form of Internet primitivism usually found in forums blogs , newsgroups , and emails

Sexual harassment is a

Crude invitations to people about whom one knows no more than their online signatures (which may well be "gender-benders " that hide the sex of the speaker

Just like in the physical world , this kind of attack is aimed towards women and can happen even in the most professional and intellectual of forums . Although , due to the anonymity that cyberspace offers , males also get their fair share or indecent proposals . Finally , you are probably wondering as to how extraordinary generosity can be considered a type of regression influenced by the use of the Internet . Mr . Holland explains that

The one comment you hear over and over again about online communication is the openness , the sense of sharing and , mostly , tolerance . strangers will give up hours of their time to send one another research data . Even goods

This is because of the aura of...

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