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Curriculum Trends & Innovations

Running Header : Curriculum Trends Innovation

Curriculum Trends Innovation


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Several issues regarding educational programs and instructional strategies were the main thrusts of these two articles entitled Critical Issues : Creating the Schools Climate and Structures to Support Parent and Family Involvement ' and Bridging the Great Homework Divide : A Solutions Guide for Parents of Middle School Students ' Both articles address the issue about parent /family involvement in the education of learners . Educational institutions acknowledge the importance of family involvement in the academic success of the learners . Therefore , they

implement strategic approaches and techniques in to foster unassailable relationships with parents and families

North Central Regional Educational Library published the first article It discusses the roles that the school climate and the structure of educational institutions play in motivating parents /families to build a partnership with schools . The article suggests that schools should continuously provide a social and educational atmosphere within the learning environment that welcomes parents /families . Families highly regarded by educational institutions are encouraged and motivated to communicate with schools regarding the needs and concerns of learners (NCREL , 1996

Demonstrating respect for parents /families and establishing a trusting atmosphere between them and the school are two of the most important issues related to ensuring the success of students in their academic and extra curricular undertaking . The origination of desirable learning outcomes from the learners follows this phenomenon . The establishment of a positive and constructive school climate allows cultivation of a healthy and efficient partnership between parents /families and schools This partnership bears weight on the success of learners in school and in future endeavors . This information was illustrated in a cyclical paradigm that starts from a positive and constructive school climate influencing the involvement of parents /families with schools . Through this , teaching techniques , strategies , and approaches are developed and improved . Finally , the learner experiences success and achievements in his academic life (NCREL , 1996

Research studies support this premise . Student performance was studied in to determine the relationship between school climate and parent /family involvement . The research yielded a result proving that efforts put forth by schools to involve parents /families by enhancing the school climate are operative and effectual as compared to parents who personally initiate the communication and establishments of a relationship to schools . In to accomplish aims and objectives for parent /family participation and involvement , schools should draw out instructional plans and perform effective communication techniques to parents /families . Some techniques stated by the article include phone calls to parents , the release of reports and personal notes discussing the progress and achievements of learners , holding meetings and conferences , and home visitations . Moreover , to address the issue of cultural diversity , schools must respect parents /families and demonstrate awareness and acceptance of different cultural backgrounds (NCREL , 1996 ) The article continues to provide a list of standards guidelines , and plans of action that educational institutions may implement in to establish and maintain a positive and constructive school climate , fostering parent /family involvement

The National Educational Association...

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