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Paper Topic:

Curriculum and Instruction

Running Head : Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction




Annotated Bibliography for Adolescents ' Curriculum and Instruction

Alvermann , D . E Strickland , D . S (Eds (2006 : Bridging the literacy achievement gap , grades 4-12 . New York : Teachers College Press

This focuses on literacy achievement gap in achievement of those who underperform especially adolescents . Literacy characteristics have been examined and the varied challenges groups of learners face . School wide and classroom practices have also been described in this book . Alvermann worked with instructors and hence was able to know the

issues related to instruction . The shortcoming of this resource is that it uses very limited age bracket of adolescents and its main focus is the adolescents . It would be more resourceful for those below twelve years and not stretch too far to adolescents which it does not focus on Anderson , T . H Armbruster , B . B (1998 : On selecting considerate ' content area

Textbooks Remedial and Special Education , 9 (1 , 47-52

The article discusses three features that relate to content-area textbooks which make them considerate ' for readers in terms of coherence , structure , and audience appropriateness . The authors discuss what the books those are in existence lack and offer suggestions to educators on how best they can improve the existing books to make them learner appropriate . The authors are seasoned educators thus giving what they advocate for credibility

Beers , K (2005 . When kids can 't read : A guide for teachers

6-12 Portsmouth , Heinemann

Beers uses student oriented and classroom explanations in guiding teachers through the...

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