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Curriculum Guides for Spoken Language and Word Recognition

It is important to evaluate the skills of the students in utilizing techniques that will cover the various aspects of the course

One of the evaluation techniques that can be employed in evaluating the students ' learning in the area of spoken language is to make them recite and assess them using an evaluation form with the following criteria


Good pronunciation of words


Confidence speaking in front of an audience

The teacher may also add other criterion that seems vital in evaluating the students ' spoken language performance . Every criterion

will be rated with the usual grading system as a form of assessment . The evaluation of a student will be highly objective if the teacher will invite a school administrator and other students to also assess the student 's performance . This way , the instructor will have three perspectives in evaluating the student

Evaluating the skills in word recognition is quite easy than that of the spoken language area . The teacher can employ creative quizzes and exercises to assess the students ' skills in word recognition . Word search puzzles can be used , wherein they will look for the words and encircle them within the time limit . The teacher can also employ exercises utilizing the aforementioned learning activities such as the word wall . The teacher may jumble the letters of the word and ask the students to spell the words correctly . The cores on the quizzes and the exercises will reflect their improvement on word recognition


In this course , books are not really important since these are aspects of language that are taught through interpersonal activities . However pertinent sources of information where the teachers got their instructional materials should be mentioned to the students for them to cope on the lesson

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