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Current policies Affecting Native Americans

Running Head : Policies Affecting Native Americans






GSA Policy toward Native American and Alaskan Tribes

Historical Background

This policy was enacted by former president of united state President Bill Clinton issues an executive memorandum on government to government relation with Native American tribal governments . The president directed the policy to all executive departments and agencies The policy was to recognize the tribal government and to give Native American to take action that affect federal recognition . The executive agencies where directed by the

president to implement the activities that affect the native tribal government in sensitive manner by respecting their tribal sovereignty . The federal government recognizes that there are 554 Native American and Alaskan tribe with their own culture and identity . This policy is therefore focused on federally recognized Indian tribes . GSA aims to establish a government -to-government relationship with federally recognized Indian tribal governments . GSA recognizes the tribal rights and allows them to set there goals and priority for the well being of the nations . GSA is required to consult with Indian tribal government when designing solution and tailoring federal programs to address unique needs of tribal communities .GSA will provide tribes with procedure and information concerning GSA opportunities available to them , this may include obtaining excess real and personal properties or obtaining employment (Jolive 'tte , 2006

Federal departments together with GSA will corporate in to add , change or further the goals of this policy . GSA is required to incorporate this policy into short and long term management process of the tribes . This policy implemented to commit the GSA into complying with the principle and practices of the consultation and communication with the Indians and Native American tribal governments . The policy also required that the GSA establish government-to-government relationships with the federally recognized Native American tribal governments (Rury 2002

Problem which necessitated the GSA policy

The main problems which necessitated the implementation of the policy are the lack of environmental , cultural and natural resources protection . The policy focused on defining the Indian tribes as a community they the secretary of interior acknowledges to exist according to the federally recognized Indian tribe list act . It defines tribal trust resources as those resources either on or off Indian learns reserved by for Indian tribes through judicial decision or treaties that are protected by United State . Indian nations are considered to be sovereign and have unique political and illegal characteristic . The Indian nations therefore have inherent right to self governance . Due to this federal government are required to implement policies that affect the self governance and trust resources of these communities in a sensitive and knowledge manners . As a unique tribe Indian communities forced themselves into self isolation and separation , thus leading to the implementation of this policy so as to integrate them into American society (Lundquist , 2004

Nation Native American lands policy

Historical background

During the past few years EPA and other tribes have being implementing then underground storage tanks (UST ) programmes on Native American lands . Since...

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