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Curious George

The act of taking the monkey away from his African home may represent the act of separating the indigenous people from their homeland in the sense that colonizing them is equivalent to transforming their native land into something else entirely new and foreign to them

The hat covered George 's head . He couldn 't see . The man picked him up quickly and popped him into a bag . George was caught (Rey , Wescott Rey Moss , 1973 ,

. 10 ) - this line captures the essence of the trend of Western colonialism . The act of covering

George 's head is equivalent to the act of imbibing foreign religion and culture into the minds of the indigenous people . As a result , the indigenous people become unable to see ' their native cultures as their mindset is now focused on culture of their Western colonizers . Perhaps fearing violent resistance from the indigenous people if they are quickly able to recognize that the colonizers are displacing them from their native culture , Western colonizers immediately act upon the situation to their advantage George was caught ' after [t]he man picked him up quickly and popped him into a bag (Rey et al ,

. 10 ) - almost similarly , the colonized indigenous people are taught with voluminous information from the colonizers in the attempt to transform their mentality and learn to appreciate the culture of the colonizers

The interpretation of Curious George discussed in this presents the stark similarities between the actions of colonizers towards the indigenous people that they colonize . Although the views presented may well be limited in many respects , it is not to say that the interpretation cannot stand on its own . The idea that the interpretation of any text rests on the reader regardless of the initial and apparent impression the text provides is enough reason to...

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