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`Cupid and Psyche`/`Beauty and the Beast` Comparison

`Cupid and Psyche ' and `Beauty and the Beast ' Comparison

Jean Cocteau , a French poet and filmmaker , is said to be influenced by Cupid and Psyche when he does the film Beauty and the Beast in 1946 Cocteau is surrealist who loves to produce incongruous imagery by means of unnatural combinations in his films . Adding to that , he is fond of myth and fairy tales . The influence is made clear by the several similarities between the Beauty and the Beast and the Cupid and Psyche a story taken from the The Golden Ass novel

by Luscius Apuleius . One similarity is that both Belle and Psyche are beautiful women who have scornful and envious sisters . Belle is kind girl whose sisters , Adelaide and Felicie , are always jealous of her for many reasons . Similarly Psyche 's sisters hate her . Perhaps it is because Psyche is much more beautiful than them and everyone else , even Venus . Both stories are also similar in that the two women believe that they are marrying monsters Belle 's Beast is a horrible-looking creature . Her fear though is eventually replaced with love of him . On the other hand , since Psyche 's suitor does not want to show himself to her , she believes that he is a monster . The resemblance goes further with the plot that tells a love affair that is almost destroyed by the two women 's scheming sisters Belle 's sisters steal her golden key and plan , together with Ludovic and Avenant , to eliminate Beast . Likewise , Psyche...

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