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How Does Culture Affect Communication?

Running Head : Culture and Communication







Culture is a very important aspect in each and every community in the world . Many people have tried to preserve their cultural values , but due to the changing scenarios , many cultures have been changing . However , it has not been possible for a person to fully abandon their culture and take up a different culture altogether . This cultural different have played a very significant role in hindering communication putting in mind the globalization that has taken place

p Introduction

Source : The University of the South Pacific Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

Source : The University of the South Pacific Centre for Excellence in Learning and Teaching

The above figures show how different populations are spread in different countries all over the world . It implies that whenever we visit one country , we have to talk in a language that we shall be able to break communication barrier with our hosts . However , it has not been easy to break the cultural barrier between different communities . This is despite the fact that culture has appeared to be dynamic and changing with especially the changing technology . It has thus to be understood that cultural barrier is more than language barrier and if not carefully handled , the cultural barrier can provoke reactions that are negative and cause emotional reactions to the parties involved (Novinger , 2008

We need to understand that whatever that is taken to be of good behavior in one culture might actually be rudeness to others ' culture . You might also get that in one culture , there are issues that are very sensitive but in actually sense , you don 't see them to be of any consequence in your own culture . This means that we need to understand the culture of the people we are in frequent communication with , so that we can speak the same culture rather than just speaking the same language (Gerry Wilson , n .d

It is important to note that although there are various reservations given about the world of communication , there is need for having some good communication so that we carry on our culture , or else , the chances of such culture surviving might be minimal

Effect of culture on communication

It is very difficult to discover the cultural inclination that is involved in communication by one person of a different culture to another . The extend to which culture affects communication between people from different cultural groups is a function of the dissimilarity between the cultures , rules , or self concepts (Cushman Cahn , 1984 pp 136 . Culture is an important socialization aspect that can influence how we relate to other people and objects around us

The different in communication among people from different cultures comes from the uniqueness of the socialization process each has undergone . Communication specialists estimate that some two-thirds to three-fourths of our communication take place nonverbally through behavior . Behavior itself is learned from our culture and all behavior communicates (Novinger , 2008 para 2 . It is not possible...

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