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Cultural Experience Report

Running Head : Cultural Immersion

My Cultural Immersion Experience in Jamaica

[Student 's Full Name]

[Name of University]

My Culture Immersion Experience in Jamaica


Culture has been characterized as the beliefs , arts , morals , customs and traditions exhibited by a group of individuals within a particular society (Langness 1987 . It has long been believed that culture has been associated with one 's ancestry . My trip to Jamaica has made it evident that this entirely is not the case . There are a number of other factors that could cause two groups

of individual from the same ethnical background but living in different societies . My will be discussing my experiences and realization during my short but meaningful trip to the island of Jamaica

My Cultural Background

In to show that people who come from the same ethnical background do not necessarily have to have the same culture , I will first provide information regarding my own personal background to serve as the basis

Although I am an American living in California , my ethnical descent is African . The roots of my family are embedded in Mississippi . It is for this reason why the food and way of life I have been brought up with resembles those that live in the southern part of the country . In fact even if I do come from a single parent household , our traditions are very much Southern from the food we eat , the importance we give to our religion and spending time with the family

Day One of My Trip

This trip was not just my first time to Jamaica , but my first trip outside of the United States . The moment I had gotten out of the plane I could say that I was immediately shocked with what greeted me . When I left California for Jamaica , I went through an airport that was air-conditioned and my full of the latest security precaution devices and machines to pass through . I did not see anything of this sort when I arrived in the airport at Jamaica . No high-technology security equipment and no air-conditioner running in the airport . I was greeted by a man named Darwin Mills who was going to drive me to the house of Mr . and Mrs . James , my host family . Mr . Mill 's disposition was as warm as the weather . He was more than happy to drive me first around the Montego Bay area of the island to show me around . Although he was extremely enthusiastic about everything in Jamaica , I could not help but notice how different it was from my hometown in California . It was if I was in another world . For starters , the vehicle used by Mr . Mills to bring me to my destination was right-handed , which was why they were driving in the opposite lane than I would back in California . I also saw people walking on either side of what was supposedly their main highway . When I meant that they were walking on either side of the highway , I am not...

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