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Paper Topic:

Cultural Diversity


Coursework (Part 1 Write 200-300 word summary answering the following questions : How do you think slavery influenced the evolution of both Black and White America today ? Explain your answer (Schaefer , 2006 ,

. 207

Slavery is indeed a huge part of the American history . The existence of the situation draws the essence of assuring the community that they are indeed a society composed of a diversified population living in one continent , trying to be equal and yet finding the hardest ways to earn the equality and unity that they so deserve

. During the past centuries slavery played a great role in determining the kind of society that America would grow into . It could not be denied that upon observation it is certainly obvious how the black Americans are directly separated from that of the white Americans . The latter having the more superior stance in cultural diversion tends to receive higher level of respect from the society while the black Americans suffer the oppressions they receive simple because of having their skin color . It is then sure that the past has shaped the division in the American society at present Dealing with this particular situation is indeed a serious matter that needs to be given attention by the government and other appointed officials in the country today

Coursework (Part 2 Write 200-300 word summary answering the following questions : Consider racial imbalances in education , the economy , family life , housing criminal justice , health care , and politics . Of these societal challenges facing modern...

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