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Cultural Diversity in Dance


The island nation of Jamaica was chosen for this research because it seemed that the country has made a rather large impact on the world with its music despite its relatively small size . People around the world are familiar with the great Bob Marley , and since then Jamaica have not failed to produce top artists (like Jimmy Cliff and Sean Paul ) that are renowned across the world . Since dance is so intimately related to music , it was the intention of this research to answer the question what types of dances that

have accompanied Jamaica 's music and how has the history and culture been influenced and been impacted by these dances ? Efforts at getting information about traveling to this country only yielded proof of the existence of what was hypothesized : that a rich culture of dance and an intertwined sociopolitical heritage accompany the music

Travel arrangements were made by calling the toll free number 1-800-JAMAICA . Other information about travel was obtained through the numerous websites on the internet , especially through the Sandals hotel website . Accommodations were acquired at Sandals Royal Caribbean located in the Montego Bay area . While in Montego Bay , many of the folk dances that were later found to derive from the colonial and African past were performed for the guests . Attendance at various night clubs such as Margaritaville and The Brewery served as another method of collecting data about the contemporary dances (Chukka

Within the two weeks that were spent in Jamaica , further research was done by traveling to the view National Theatre and Dance Company in the nation 's capital , Kingston (a three hour bus ride from Montego Bay This company served as the society that preserved the folk dances found to exist within the country . Other sources of information regarding the country 's history were the website of the Jamaican Government , the Jamaica Information Service , and the numerous parish council centers within the three parishes visited during the trip (Myrie . Information was also obtained from an interview done with a Jamaican citizen Tanisha Myrie

Cultural and Historical Information

Though Jamaica received its independence from Britain to become a sovereign nation in 1962 , the nation 's rich culture and history goes back to several hundred years before . Like many other countries in the New World , the credit for its discovery ' is given to Christopher Columbus , who became knowledgeable of the country 's existence in 1494 - two years after he discovered ' the United States . Columbus found the country located 391 miles to the east of Central America and 90 miles south of Cuba in what is now known as the Greater Antilles . It is also approximately 112 miles southwest of Hispanola - the island which houses Haiti and the Dominican Republic (All Experts . Despite his credit for the island 's discovery , what Columbus found on the island was an already thriving culture of Taino Indians , also known as the Arawaks . The Arawak Indians called this country Xaymaca , which is interpreted to mean the land of wood and...

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