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Cultural Diversity in Criminal Justice

Economic globalization has changed the concept of crime and justice from being unique to one area to now knowing no boundaries . Terrorism is the most recent issue brought before the world and knows no boundaries . Is terrorism a crime that screams for justice ? Or a declaration of war ? If we use traditional meanings we cannot use the term war because war is started by a state and the terrorist acts of today are by small groups with fundamental ideas . The United States has declared war on terror calling for justice after 911 . The

world was outraged and shocked . The terrorist attacks were intended to destroy the foundation of western society . The events did not change the world , but did change the world the less . Technology that has helped business to go global also enhanced criminal networks to go global also . Global crime begs for global justice

The increase in global crime needs a global response . There has been progress towards global law such as the international criminal tribune that began in the 1990 's for Rwanda and The International Criminal Courts , ICC , created in 1998 in Yugoslavia . These organizations created treaties that were recommended for use by the European Parliament (Delmar-Marty , 287 . But the reluctance of the United States to acknowledge a need for global justice has prevented the concept from developing to its fullest potential . How the U .S . defines terrorism conflicts with international interpretation and this fact won 't help to end global crime . International criminal law , on the other hand , would help in global crime . The creation of these global courts would guarantee the independence and impartiality of judges , for it recognizes that they represent different legal traditions , including that of Muslim states (Delmar-Marty , 291 . The concept of crime or what is deemed a crime varies from culture to culture , so that fact alone calls for an international court that can accomplish more than relying on each countries law for justice . In the article Global Crime Calls for Global Justice , the author suggests instead of using the word terrorism to decide criminality the term crime against humanity ' should be used . Giving recognition of universal values that would ensure not only protection of human rights but also dignity of human beings around the globe (2002 , 292 . So when looking at 911 one should consider it a terrorist act , but instead as a crime against humanity

The global war on terrorism is constricting the flow of financial support to terror groups through Argentina , Paraguay , and Brazil . To circumvent these measures , transnational terrorist organizations are moving deeper into organized criminal activity . This transition poses a tremendous challenge to states struggling with a threat that has changed significantly since September 11 . As terror groups transform into hybrid criminal /terror entities and partner with criminal syndicates , the threat to the United States increasing every day . Over the past few years and increasingly in recent months , leading intelligence and national security minds have noted the growing threat created by the transformation...

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