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Cultural Differences between us and Italy

Cultural Differences between United States and Italy

I . Introduction

All societies provide for certain broad areas of social living . Wissler (2000 :99 ) identified these as universal patterns of culture , such as speech , material traits , art , mythology and scientific knowledge religious practice , family and social systems , property , government , and war . Even within these broad areas of social living are a number of common elements . Moreover , cultures between countries differ because of the great variety of solutions people in different societies evolve in solving life problems . Amongst the important factors which give rise to

br cultural differences are the kind of environment within which the society lives , the human and natural resources available within this environment , the extent and intensity of exposure the society has to other people from which they can borrow ideas , and their cultural heritage

This intent to figure out the differences between the United States of America and Italy in terms of history , languages , Ethnical diversity , culture , superstitions and religions

II . Discussion

A . United States of America

The United States developed and grew from 13 English colonies on the Atlantic coast into an independent republic that eventually extended to the Pacific , with Alaska and Hawaii among its states . Although the original 13 colonies were British , several other nations took part in the discovery , exploration and settlement of the territory that became the United States . Both France and Spain once controlled more of North America than did Great Britain . Dutch and Swedish colonies existed temporarily on the Atlantic coast . Thus the beginnings of the United States , like its later development as a nation , involved contributions by people from many lands (see Graff , H . America : the Glorious Republic (2 volumes Houghton Mifflin , 2001

North America was inhabited by Indians and Eskimos long before the first Europeans arrived . White men came into contact with the Indians from the very beginning , but the Eskimos were not greatly influenced by the white man 's civilization until the 20th century (see Link , A . S and others . American Epoch : a History of the United States since 1900 9th edition (2 volumes : Knopf , 1999

There are various religions existing in the United States such as Christianity , Judaism , Buddhism , Islam , Unitarian Universalism and Hinduism while others claimed that they don 't have a religion . Amongst the religions mentioned , Christianity has the greatest number as surveyed in 2001 . On the other hand , English is the de facto national language of the United States . Spanish language has also been taught as non-English second language (see Boorstin , D .J . and R .F . The Landmark History of the American People , revised edition (2 volumes Random House , 1999

B . Italy

Italy is a country in the southern Europe . Jutting southward from the Alps into the Mediterranean Sea , Italy consists mainly of a slender boot-shaped peninsula and the islands of Sicily and Sardinia . Ital is bed by France , Switzerland , Austria , and Yugoslavia , and the Adriatic , Ionian , Tyrrhenian , and Ligurian seas . It completely encircles two tiny , independent states : San Marino , east of Florence and...

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