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Cultural Aspects of Biological Psychology


Cultural Aspects of Biological Psychology






Cultural Aspects of Biological Psychology

Cultural diversity is the stratification of ethnicity , races biological factors such as gender and gender roles , socioeconomic and geographical regions in relation to cultural practices . Cultural issues as wide spread as the human population . Gender is one of the biological issues that affect cultural diversity . Gender ought to be discussed in relation to cultural diversity and part of biological psychology

Gender is defined as the

set of combinations of sexuality entities social roles , behaviors , characteristics and activities that are associated with different sexes in different societies . Gender may be categorized as female or male depending on the sexuality that is determined biologically . In some communities , gender roles are strictly defined for certain species as male roles or as female roles . However in others , there is no clear definition as to who should do what in terms of gender . In addition , some communities have distinctive naming systems such that a certain name is for males while at the same time there are feminine names (Peter , 2000 . With this in mind , it is worth noting that gender is not only the biological features that are found in humans to distinguish them in terms of their sexuality

Gender is categorized in to masculine and feminine , each of which has their designated roles within the given society . For example , women in most societies over time have had their place in the kitchen Fortunately...

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