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Cross Cultural Perpective on Pregnancy


Cultural Views Of Pregnancy In Mexican American Culture







Although views about pregnancy and the resultant child bearing vary in different societies , practically every world society attaches great importance to this act . Through this biological process , societies have evolved over time and various cultures and civilizations of the world have resulted from the family as a unit of procreation . Without the act of child bearing , the human race would have become extinct . It is no wonder

then that pregnant women are highly respected in many cultures because they carry the future of any society . The main purpose for writing this is to explore and discuss the Mexican American family set up , common cultural beliefs related to pregnancy and the resultant childbirth

Thesis Statement

The name Mexican Americans refers to a growing minority group in the United States of America that trace their origin back to the Mexican culture . They are also widely referred to as Chicanos and out of the American Latino population living in the US , they form about 66 of the group . They have been living in the US over a long period of time having moved from Mexico and intermarried with the Spanish as well as Indians in the South West of the US . The descendants born of these early migrants are now concentrated in States like Arizona , New Mexico Colorado , California and Texas among other states . In the Mexican American culture , the family is the most powerful part of the society and plays a very crucial role of bonding children , their parents as well as the grandparents . They have a very rich diet consisting of rice corn , tortillas , fresh fruits , chillies , various vegetables , beans and coffee as a major drink . Language dialects vary among these people depending on their region of origin although majority of them are Spanish /English speakers . The main religion among this group is Roman Catholicism with many homes dotted with pictures of saints , and shrines that have statues erected in them (Vanessa R . Kurzon

Because of the great value to children in every culture , the aspect of pregnancy is regarded as a very important event in any family Within the Mexican American culture , pregnancy is something every woman desires to get into after they are married . Pregnant women in this society are viewed with honour and respect and the family in which the woman is living have a great role of supporting her throughout this process . Pregnancy is viewed as a normal natural condition and in view of this , expectant mothers do not find it necessary to seek the assistance of a physician . Both mother and mother in law have very strong influence on an expectant mother in this society and expectant mothers rely heavily on these older women , avoiding every form of prenatal care . This is because of their sensitivity to the act of exposing parts of their body during childbirth and they thus prefer home based antenatal care...

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