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Article Critique

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January 22 , 2009


The article talks about bullying , the different dimensions of bullying the reactions to bullying and the associated impact on adolescents in great detail . A situation may be categorized as bullying when harm is done to one person , one party is weaker than the other and the actions are continuous and not a onetime matter

Bullying has many psychological , social , cognitive influences on the victim but the worst impact

is the emotional pain and stress , also known as trauma . Trauma affects the thinking and behavior on the individuals and adversely affects the development of the individuals . Children and adolescents are more prone to trauma and they react in different ways some of them go in denial while others while others ponder about it so much that they have repetitive thoughts which results in nightmares and anxiety . Victims in denial avoid any support or counseling and they do not mention their trauma to anyone and neither are they willing to talk about it even to a helpful person . Some students use the avoidance technique and they avoid any thoughts about the experience due to which they eventually loose interest in life and become numb

Research has been conducted to assess the level of trauma that students were expecting to experience after reading a hypothetical bullying scenario . Results show that females expect a higher level of trauma than males . Females are also more...

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