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Being Criticized

Running Head : EXPERIENCE

What Did You Say

Name of Student




I have long admitted that I am not much of an artist . I try , but I have long understood that the pieces I have created cannot be compared to the masterpieces of history . Not by a long shot . With that in mind , I always keep my little efforts of art hidden in a special container in my room . The little thing does not at all attract the attention of anyone who might have the interest to

rummage through my room . Not that it my works were even worth being curious about

One day , as I was scribbling through an idea on a piece of scrap sitting alone in the school field , someone from behind me spoke . What in the world is that

I turned and found a bully . I did not know him but he definitely looked like one . I tried to hide the piece I was working on but I realized he could have been looking over my shoulder for quite a while before he spoke to me . I did not speak immediately either . I felt that he had more to say about it

But he simply smirked , shook his head , and walked away

I did not know how to feel at that moment . Other bullies I have known would have done worse . Some even called for his followers ' to do the dirty deed for them . They would go beyond teasing . They could inflict much harm . Sometimes , in the news , one could even encounter death during these bullying . But this one simply walked away

Still , I felt worse . I was not even worth lifting a finger . My work was that silly . It was not worth fighting for

I looked back at my half done work . I shook my head and let out an expletive . I crumpled the and threw it at the nearest trash bin If I cannot even impress a passing person , then what is all the worth for

For the next days , I stopped drawing . I simply lost that urge to draw anything . When I work or read something , I always glanced behind me Somehow , I always expected the same bully to look over , let his presence known and leave the same manner he did . It would be his silent declaration that whatever I was doing was not even worth much of his time

I was sitting at one of the benches at the mall . I was waiting for a friend . We were supposed to buy something . But I was extra early , just as I was extra cautious about what I do . I was thinking of my little hidden container and thought if I should throw it away . Was it such a waste to give a few minutes of my time to just scribble shapes away ? Am I really worthless ? Can 't I even try to measure myself against the great artist the world has known

I guess I have not long...

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