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Paper Topic:

Critically evaluate the statement below through application of relevant concepts and analytical techniques associated with Virgin`s global approach to strategic management and also reflect on the future strategic direction of the virgin group by discussin

Strategic analysis : The Virgin Group

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Executive Summary----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------04

ILO --------------------------------------------------06

Introduction -----------------------------------------06

Factors to be considered for the implementation of ILO-10

Competitive advantage---------------------------------10

Change in Economic structure--------------------------11

Technological factors---------------------------------12

Social and Cultural factors---------------------------13

Malaysia : Vision 2020 goal----------------------------14

Proposed Initiatives----------------------------------14

Summary of proposed initiatives and actions-----------14


Executive Summary

Perhaps the foremost important purpose of the strategic analysis of a company is to evaluate whether the company is moving in the right direction

or not . In this report we have analysed the strategy of virgin group through using the evaluation instruments such as SWOT analysis SPACE matrix and IFE matrix . Despite the changing circumstances the group is still managing the highest market share due to the dynamic planning and volatile advertising . Being the market leader the task of maintaining and improving the position of the group in market is more crucial . In the end some recommendations are also presented in to keep the Group 's position high


The strategy of a company requires constant updating . With the changing conditions of market and industry it is important for an organisation to keep its strategy in tact with the changing environment . An out dated strategy cannot fulfil the needs of today 's global environment . In to go through the updating process the organisations should carry on an audit to analyse which aspect requires improvement . It also specifies what strategy is necessary to support the business operations , the information people use currently and the gaps in these functions and the business goals

By assessing the knowledge possessed by an organisation about its competitors and market environment the mangers can effectively take decisions in to find the most feasible way for their businesses to maximise profits and improve market share . It is also important to calculate the extent to which change needs to be introduced to the organisation . Although the identification of the problem is a big issue but the finding a solution making sense with business world is the main purpose of change in the organisation

Back in 1970 Alvin Toffler in Future Shock (Toffler , A . 1970 describes a trend towards accelerating rates of change . He illustrated how social and technological norms had shorter life spans with each generation , and he questioned society 's ability to cope with the resulting turmoil and anxiety . In past generations periods of change were always punctuated with times of stability . This allowed society to assimilate the change and deal with it before the next change arrived (Wikipedia

In the volatile business environment of the 21st century the most important requirement of today 's business is constant changing and updating with the external conditions . Change can be referred to as Internal , External , and business process re-engineering and transformation programs

The purpose of this report is to analyse the strategy of the Virgin Group in to find the strengths and weaknesses and to suggest measures

Strategy Virgins core strategy seems to be to go into those markets were...

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