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Paper Topic:

Critically analyse a problem or issue in your placement organisation using relevant theories and/or techniques from one or more of disciplines which you are studying on your degree programme.

The 100 largest U .K .-based multinationals generate nearly 1 trillion in revenues from foreign markets , and many smaller firms rely heavily on international sales as well . While global markets represent promising opportunities for additional sales growth and profits , differences in market and competitive conditions across country boundaries can require firms to adapt their competitive strategies and marketing programs to be successful

Even when similar marketing strategies are appropriate for multiple countries , international differences in infrastructure , culture , legal systems , and the like often mean that one or more elements of the

br marketing program - such as product features , promotional appeals , or distribution channels - must be tailored to local conditions for the strategy to be effective

Increased Importance of Service

A service can be defined as any activity or benefit that one party can offer another that is essentially intangible and that does not result in the ownership of anything . Its production may or may not be tied to a physical product (Buzzell Wiersema , 1981 . Service businesses such as airlines , hotels , restaurants , and consulting firms account for roughly two-thirds of all economic activity in the United Kingdom , and services are the fastest-growing sector of most other developed economies around the world . While many of the decisions and activities involved in marketing services are essentially the same as those for marketing physical goods , the intangible nature of many services can create unique challenges for marketers . I will discuss some of these challenges - and the tools and techniques Company X have developed to deal with them - throughout this essay

As the definition suggests , services such as financing , delivery installation , user training and assistance , and maintenance are often provided in conjunction with a physical product . Such ancillary services have become more critical to Company X continued sales and financial success in many product-markets . As markets...

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