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Critical essay on Equality and diversity

p Age and sex discrimination


The terms ageism and sexism were coined about the same time (1969 and 1970 , respectively , but sexism has become more widely used than ageism (Schick , 2006 :7 . Almost everyone has heard of sexism . Until recently few people had heard of ageism . Both concepts refer to prejudice or discrimination against a category of people : sexism is usually directed against women , and ageism is usually directed against the aged . However sometimes sexism is directed against men (by some extreme feminists and ageism is sometimes directed against younger people

"positive ageism " Palmore , 1990 : 44 . Prejudice is a negative attitude toward a category of people that is inaccurate and resistant to change Discrimination is an inappropriate treatment of a category of people usually based on prejudice (Atchley , 2001 :17

Sexism and ageism combine in all possible ways : a few areas show neither one , more areas are affected by one but not the other , but most areas are affected by both . There may be some areas with neither ageism nor sexism , although it is hard to think of any area completely free of such prejudice . In some areas there is sexism with little or no ageism For example , it is generally believed that women of any age should not marry men younger than themselves , but it is all right for men to marry women younger than themselves . This is a main reason why there are over five times as many widows as widowers over 65 . On the other hand , in...

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