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Critical analysis applying a psychological strategy for Gwendolyn Brooks ` The Mother`


Gwendolyn Brook a famous American writer has written the poem The Mother ' in 1945 . She has been an observer in the treatment of social issues in her poems . She has taught audiences that poetry is not some formal activity closed to all rather , it is an art form within the reach and understanding of everybody--including the lowliest among us The poem The Mother , is a story of a woman who has many abortions It is not know why she has the

abortions . She is confused whether she is right or wrong in aborting her children . It is a very expressive poem where the tension that the mother feels is very much evident . Gwendolyn successfully through figure of speech , images and paradox has reveals the psychological conflict of the mother

In first few lines of the poem , we find the mother addressing the audience . What effect has abortion to mothers in general , but in a way she reveals her own feelings of desolation . In the first two lines of the poem : Abortions will not let you forget / you remember the children you got that you did not get , `You ' is universal , less personal Abortion is personified here . But `Abortion ' is not a person , so it cannot hurt any one . The mother interacts with the readers that if you undergo abortions in your life you cannot forget the memories . You will always remember that you were blessed with children but you could not keep the young off springs with you . But she also expresses her inner tumult and her sorrow here . She cannot forget that she had many abortions . She has `got ' `yet did not get ' her children . There is a paradox between `got ' and 'yet did not get , a reversal which shows the tension of the mother . It may be said that she had conceived many times but she has killed the babies before they were born . Here the poet has used images of just born baby : `small pulps ' and active images : `The singers and Workers , to show the contrast between fetuses and potential lives . In the next two lines , the words , `that never handled the air shows that she is transferring some of the responsibilities to the unborn babies : as if they have the responsibility to breath . In the next four lines , she says that abortion deprives the mother of the joys of motherhood . She tells the readers that the mother cannot shower her love and attention on her children because even if she has her babies in her womb , she did not give them the opportunity to live on this earth . The mother is addressing the reader but in a way she herself is psychologically feeling the void left by her dead babies

In the following line : I have heard in the voices of the wind the voices of my dim killed children , the grief of the mother is more intensified because the pronoun `You ' changes to `I...

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