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Critical Review of Scholarly Journal Articles

Critical Review of three Scholarly Journal Articles of Racial Profiling

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The purpose of this critique is to look on the facts and findings found by three scholarly journals about racial profiling

Racially Biased Policing : Determinants of Citizen Perceptions (Weitzer Tuch , 2005

Race-Based Policing : A Descriptive Analysis of the Wichita Stop Study (Withrow , 2004

Perceptions of Racial Profiling : Race , class and Personal Experience (Weitzer Tuch , 2002

This document also goes further by validating the data gathering methods and analysis techniques used by the author

to support their findings CRITICAL REVIEW

Racially Biased Policing : Determinants of Citizen Perceptions

One of the most important finding generated by this is the effects of race on the view that police is biased on race . This includes racial profiling of police where Black or minority group in general are most like stopped by police than White American . In all four models , blacks and Hispanics are more likely than whites to believe that police bias is a problem (Weitzer Tuch , 2005 . Blacks however , according to this article perceives police bias more of a problem than Hispanics . One interesting subset of this is that Blacks tend to perceive police discrimination against Hispanics than Hispanics see themselves . So that Black Americans tend to see that Hispanic drivers are being racially prod compared to white drivers . Another important finding presented by this article is the role of media in shaping the perceptions of people regarding racial discrimination . People who frequently hear or read about incidents of police misconduct , as transmitted by the media are inclined to conclude that the police engage in racial profi ling are prejudiced , and discriminate against minority individuals

and neighborhoods (Weitzer Tuchs , 2005

The data gathering method and analysis technique used in this article is solid considering that it is based on a national survey of national survey of 1 ,792 white , African American , and Hispanic adult residents of U .S . metropolitan areas with at least 100 ,000 population (Weitzer Tuch , 2005 . The survey results where advantageous in the sense that oversampling African Americans and Hispanics , in contrast to the small number of minority respondents common to other surveys . Another advantageous factor is the tapping of both attitudes toward police and personal and vicarious experiences with the police . Another very important correction factor they have added is idea that there are differences in the number of households with phone access from the three different races , Black , Hispanics and White American . This is very important consideration since the data was collected using random dialing of phone numbers . So in general the data was very reliable

Race-Based Policing : A Descriptive Analysis of the Wichita Stop Study

Unlike the previous article which discusses racial discrimination of policing in a wider perspective , this article focuses on racial profiling . The results of this rigorous effort put on the analysis of enforcement pattern do not prove race-based policing . The result of this document instead provides guidance for what are needed on studies to determine...

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