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Critical Incident Management

Running Head : Critical Incident Management






Critical incident management is the coordinated approach used in addressing the influence and implications of traumatic events and their threat that have various levels of potential harms to the lives and the well being of people within an organization or a civil society setting Such an incident may hitherto cause injury , stress or even fear to those witnessing or experiencing its influence

Generally , the management of critical incidents is done to refuge the affected persons from its

influence , which may further cause a destabilized state of functionality within such an organization . It seeks to address on the most appropriate response structure and guidance that may be directed towards controlling the harmful impacts of a critical incident (Nanette , 2004

Ideally , scenario based planning remains as important phenomena in analyzing the fundamentals of institutional strategies and the general status of corporate organization . Scenario based planning is used in making long-term flexible decision within an organization . It is an important tool in strengthening the level of business continuity Accordingly , this tool has constantly been used in analyzing the level and portfolio of disasters within an organization which lead to negative influences on the organization performance . Allied to the security level of a corporation , scenario based planning is allied with planning and establishing the most appropriate tools of dealing with disasters that occur in everyday business operations . They are used in planning towards disasters both natural and human . Accordingly , it is used in addressing the most appropriate tools and strategies allied to critical incidents and disasters within an organization ( HYPERLINK "http /www .knowledgeboard .com /open_groups /critical_incident_management http /www .knowledgeboard .com /open_groups /critical_incident_management

Basically , scenario based planning seeks to plan on the most adequate manner of handling critical scenarios within the institution which have high chances of occurrence . The focus on scenario based planning is to avoid the likelihood of operational losses that could otherwise be to such incidents . Scenario based planning focuses on the maintenance and development of plans on how to handle critical events that have relatively high chances of occurring within the operational framework of an organization . Since every critical incidence is allied to particular potential negative influences to the organization , such planning helps to cautiously relate on how to address to the management the likelihood of such incident occurrence (Dominic , Brahim , 2002

This planning scheme is usually aimed at providing the most adequate tools and resources which could be required in case of the disaster occurrence . Elsewhere , it is made to find out the most possible methods of reducing the occurrence of such incidents . Since critical incidents occur abruptly , an organization may lack the most appropriate structures of dealing with the scenario . However , with scenario based planning , a framework of approach in aligning the most appropriate personal and tools required for dealing with the incidence are provided . It is an important activity towards the recovery process for the effects that occur from such incidents (Nanette , 2004 ) It is a coordinated...

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