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Critical Incident Analysis


Sex at a health care centre

An incident that has a significant impact on one 's self can be termed as a critical incident . It need not be a dramatic one , but a thought provoking one the less . It is an incident which makes one to stop and ponder over or question one 's actions . It can be a life changing event at home or something that happens at the work environment which makes one question ones beliefs , attitudes or behavior as a professional or as a person p

Man is in a state of constant learning , be it at the home or an educational institution or at the work place , in a quest to improve ones self . Critical incidents in life can be thought of as junctures in life from which man learns something new to improve ones own self and worth In a clinical setup , these incidents can occur during professional patient interactions , or can present themselves in the form of an medical emergency , a confrontation with patients , or maybe a death that made to you question your beliefs

Critical incident can also be defined as a juncture which eventually leads to critical thinking . Critical thinking is one which analysis the situation through evidence , logical thinking and the actions that lead to the incident and the results that can be drawn from it in to avoid the incident (if adverse ) in the future

To define learning , we have to go to the basics of nature . Firstly if a toddler sees fire , he gets curious and tries to touch it and gets burnt He learns ' from this action . The next time he is near the fire , he recalls the adverse consequences of touching the flame and so even though he has the option to touch the flame , he decides to stay far away . Therefore we can say that the child `learned ' from a critical incident ' Definition of learning (2006 . According to one source learning is defined as follows

An organism is said to have learnt when it has increased its options for applying , to a specific set of circumstances , new or different behavior which the organism believes will be to its benefit . Definition of learning (2006

From this definition we can deduce that learning requires for a person to understand the environment , have a sense of the situation , and remember the responses available to him and the consequences of each of those individual actions . Learning therefore is increase of the list of available actions in response to a particular event

According to Definition of learning (2004 ) Learning can also be thought of activity that increases the capacity and willingness of individuals , groups , organizations and communities to acquire and productively apply new knowledge and skills , to grow and mature and to adapt successfully to changes and challenges

For more than two decades the term `reflection ' has been gaining momentum . Reflective learning is getting quoted more option in respected journals . Everyone has a different point of view...

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