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Critical Analysis

Critical Analysis of In Defense of Prejudice

Jonathan Rauch 's article , In Defense of Prejudice ' argues against trying to make bigotry illegal . As a Jew and a gay male , Rauch can discuss this without seeming racist . He reminds the reader that he is a minority , and he does not believe that bigotry is actually good . He argues that allowing bigotry is needed because the alternative is to deny freedom to all minorities and social dissidents . Rauch seems reasonable . He combines sympathy for minorities with a philosophical dedication to the freedom of expression

. He usually has good logic , but Rauch has a few moments where he is unclear about the legitimate alternatives and underestimates the real power of words

Rauch 's main argument is very strong . Essentially he gives a logical proof . First , he claims it is evident that prejudice cannot be accurately defined , because the line between a prejudiced belief and a merely controversial one is elusive (Rauch 2 . Secondly , he states that controversial (or dissident ) ideas are the same as minority ideas , because both are opposed to the mainstream . He writes , As a supporter of gay marriage , for example , I reject the majority 's view of family . trap the racists and anti-Semites and you lay a trap for me too . Hunt for them with eradication in your mind , and you have brought dissent itself within your sights (Rauch 5 . Part of this argument is the idea that minority ideas are frequently right - and in case the reader missed...

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